MONNAI Lab., Department of Architecture
Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering

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1. about Kyoto Univ.
[1] Kyoto University
[2] Kyoto Univ. Graduate school of Engineering
[3] Kyoto Univ. Grad. School of Eng. Dept. of Architecture and Architectural Eng.
[4] Kyoto Univ. Grad. School of Eng. Urban and Environment Eng.
[5] Grant-in-Aid for Creative Scientific Resaerch: Design Theory for Dynamical Systems with Semiosis, Kyoto University
[6] Global Center for Education and Resarch on Human Security Engineering for Asian Megacities, Kyoto University
2. Related Universities
[1] The University of Tokyo
[2] Waseda University
[3] Keio University
[4] Tokyo Denki University
[5] Musashino Art University
[6] Tama Art University
3. Research Institutes
[1] AIJ(Architectural Institute of Japan)
[2] City Planning Institute of Japan
[3] Center for Environmental Information Science
[4] ssds(Society for the Science of Design Studies, Japan)
[5] JSSD(Japanese Society for the Science of Design)
[6] JASS(The Japanese Association for Semiotic Studies)
[7] JCSS(Japanese Cognitive Science Society)
[8] IPSJ(Information Processing Society of Japan)
[9] The Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management
[10] International Association for Semiotic Studies
[11] Environmental Design Research Association
[12] The Design Society
4. Administrative Organs
[1] Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
[3] Kyoto Prefecture
[4] Shutoku District, Kyoto City